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This is a reservation service only. We shall call or email you to confirm. See detailed note below.
Foxtons is open 7 days. We serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday. Usual times are breakfast/ brunch 9-12. Lunch and dinner served 12-9pm every day except Sunday lunch which is served 12-6pm every Sunday. Drinks served all day every day.

Thank you for considering Foxtons and for using this online reservation serviceUNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, OR A CONFIRMATION CALL THE TABLE IS NOT YET CONFIRMED AS BOOKED.   Please note that even when table slots are shown as available online, we may still be fully booked as bookings may not yet be in the online system. Please indicate the day and time that you wish to book and enter your details and we will send you a confirmation email, or we shall call you, as soon we can, to confirm if we have availability.

Please be aware that any booking made during food service periods may not be responded to until after service has ended. May we suggest you call 01289 303939 if you wish to book a table on the same day, or in the same service period, to avoid disappointment. Please also note that even when table slots are shown as available online here, we may still be fully booked.

Owing to the huge number of no-shows since we reopened, Foxtons requires deposits for bookings of 5 or more people. As a small business this no-show habit is a huge loss to us. If you cannot make it do please call or message us.


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